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Oregon and Southern Washington Oracle User Group

Tuesday,  November 13, 2018

Andy Colvin 

Accenture Enkitec Group
Exadata Engineer

Download the IOUG book  Expert Oracle Exadata by Martin Back, Karl Arao, Andy Colvin, Frit Hoogland, Kerry Osborne, Randy Johnson, and Tenel Poder.https://conta.cc/2D7qhIIHome_files/expert_oracle_exadata_second_edition.pdfshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1
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Board of Directors

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Lloyd Center / Providence Meeting

Providence Lloyd Center, 3rd Floor

2201 Lloyd Center, Portland, OR 97232

Schedule of Events

10:30     Sign-in ,  Continental Breakfast

11:00    Professional Business

11:15    Andy Colvin

                Getting the Most from EXAchk

12:30    Lunch

               Lunch and Learn Agenda.

               Panel discussion with Andy and current Exadata customers.  Audience encouraged to join panel.

1:30      Andy Colvin

                5 Tips for Exadata Administrators New and Old


Presentation Details

Getting the Most From Exadata With EXAchk

One of the most under appreciated benefits of running Oracle Exadata is that every system has a standardized software stack comprising Oracle Linux, Oracle Grid infrastructure, and Oracle Database. Keeping these systems humming with a multitude of database parameters and operating system settings can be a greater challenge than expected. The best tool for keeping this stack running according to Oracle’s best practices is the Oracle Exadata health check tool called Oracle EXAchk in Oracle Database. This session covers the ways that Oracle Exadata Database Machine administrators can take advantage of Oracle EXAchk to identify configuration issues, proactively schedule reports, analyze differences between runs, and keep up with Oracle’s recommendations even when they do not have root access.

5 Tips for Exadata Administrators New and Old

Taking in a new Exadata rack often becomes an exciting and scary event for many DBAs.  Oftentimes, they are left to fend for themselves as the sole administrators of these new machines.  How they handle this responsibility will very often determine the success of the implementation later on. This session will introduce several tips learned from over 100 Exadata implementations.  Topics include memory management basics, backup and recovery suggestions, and how to get the most out of exachk – Oracle’s engineered systems health check utility.


                     Carlos’ presentation slides.


                                 Carlos Sierra

                  Oracle ACE Director, emeritus


     Slides:      Reducing Plan Flips     Reducing CPU Spikes

Special thanks to Liron, Jared, and Clay for outstanding presentations in September 2017

Visit Liron Amitzi’s commentary summarizing the event

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Liron Amitzi

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Basic Datatypes - Deep Understanding

Understanding Query Optimizer Complexity

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Jared Still

Pre-Meeting Revision:  Free-Oracle-Performance-tools

Download Final Meeting Version:  http://bit.ly/free-oracle-tools

What to Consider When Moving Your Oracle Database to the Cloud

May 2017 meeting:

Presentation Slides are now available for Download

Oracle 12c New Features

E-Business DBA Diary

Biju Thomas, OneNeck Solutions


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