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Presentations and Hands-on Labs: Tuesday, November 12,  2019

Application Express APEX
Oracle Enterprise Low Code Application Platform *
November 12 and February 11 events will cover APEX**

* Gartner research reports:
    By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.
    By 2024, three-quarters of large enterprises will be using at least four low-code development tools for both IT application development and citizen development initiatives.
**    Here are some facts/benefits about APEX:

APEX has been in existence since 2004 and a is a leader in Low Code Development Platform

APEX Is a no cost feature of the Oracle database (both on-prem and Autonomous). This means that if you have an Oracle database, you already have APEX. NO additional licenses are required and no additional hardware/software is required other than a web browser.

APEX is enterprise ready and secure on day 1, and with Autonomous, APEX is easily scalable using ML and Oracle manages the DB for you with automatic patching.

APEX is easy to learn—individuals without any IT experience can build an app in minutes. You don’t need specialized skills to build apps. If you do happen to know some SQL and simple HTML, you can perform many customizations on APEX, but this is NOT required.

APEX comes with prepackaged productivity apps in the App Gallery, such as calendars, ticketing, and polling apps, which are ready to go in a few minutes.

Organizations use APEX to extend out commercial software to fill gaps, such as with EBS applications and HCM applications used by millions of users and page views.

Very large, well-recognized customers are using APEX within in their organization.

Bo English-Wiczling

Director (Product and Program Management), Oracle APEX

Bo English-Wiczling will provide detailed insights into the strategies and making of APEX applications. 
APEX is designed for all levels of Technical experience including none at all.  She will follow an hour presentation with two hands-on labs.  One of the labs will cover data integrations around the corporate enterprise.  Her presentation and labs are designed to provide many good reasons to use APEX in any Oracle environment.  

In February, To advance our skills with APEX, OSWOUG and Oracle will again offer HOLs and lectures from other experts with more time and focus on solutions.  The presenter will be Marc Sewtz, also a globe traveling expert from Oracle.  Join both of these experts from Oracle with career changing, savoir-faire knowledge of APEX.



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Board of Directors

Jon Wasserman

Gary Fox

Fahd Saeed

Don Bateson

Ken Knowles

Andy Weiss

Arlene Gelbolingo

Souvonnah Ramsey

David Portin

Julia Shozen, at-large (Japan actually)


Shibin Li

Cheri Mosbrucker

Technology Advisory Board

Maria Colgan

Biju Thomas

Jared Still

Schedule of Events

11:00    Networking  and OSWOUG Business

11:15    Oracle Cloud Generation 2:  Live Virtual Presentation by Executive Oracle Leadership.

12:00    Lunch (provided) and networking


1:00      Application Express

2:00      Hands-on Labs (bring laptop to participate, APEX access instructions provided to registrants)

4:00     It’s a Wrap!

            Discussions and Q&A regarding any Information Technology subject after 4 pm.



Providence St. Vincent Medical Center

West Side:  9135 SW Barnes Road Portland, OR 97225. 

Souther Auditorium is in the East Pavilion, entrance behind the fountain. 

Free Parking: Best to park at the East Parking Structure. Bus and Light Rail are nearby.  Need directions on day of?  Jon Wasserman  425-318-9534 before 10:30 am.

Souther Amphitheatre

Directions can be found at http://oregon.providence.org/location-directory/p/providence-st-vincent-medical-center/ .

The nearest max station is Sunset Transit Center.

Previous meeting locations

Providence Lloyd Center

2201 Lloyd Center

Portland, OR 97232

Car ramps to 3rd level on Northwest area of Mall Parking Garage.

Providence entrance on East side of 3rd level parking area. Walk down 3-4 steps, Glass Doors. Bring ID.


May 2017 meeting with Biju Thomas:

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E-Business DBA Diary

Biju Thomas, OneNeck Solutions

Carlos Sierra    Slides:      Reducing Plan Flips     Reducing CPU Spikes

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Download the IOUG book  Expert Oracle Exadata by Martin Back, Karl Arao, Andy Colvin, Frit Hoogland, Kerry Osborne, Randy Johnson, and Tenel Poder.

VIew presentation slides:

Liron Amitzi

Presentation Code Examples coming soon

Basic Datatypes - Deep Understanding

Understanding Query Optimizer Complexity

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Jared Still

Pre-Meeting Revision:  Free-Oracle-Performance-tools

Download Final Meeting Version:  http://bit.ly/free-oracle-tools

What to Consider When Moving Your Oracle Database to the Cloud


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