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Biju Thomas Presentation May 2017

Oracle 12c New Features

E-Business DBA Diary

Tim Gorman Presentation November 2016,  Table Compression

Phill Rizzo, Regional Sales Manager, Oracle Corp.. Oracle Data Integration Data Integration Overview.pdf  SLIDES:  Lots of technical details . Future strategy for Data Integration. for handling Oracle Applications and Enterprise Resources.  Presentation Dates:  May 14-15, 2013.

Gary Fox,  DBA Team Lead XEROX.  Data Guard.ppt   Presentation Date: February 12, 2013

OSWOUG NoSQL Release 3.0 Overview.pdf OSWOUG NoSQL Release 3.0 Overview.pdf

Bradley Brown, TUSC(ROLTA) Co-Founder: Application Express : 4 presentations

Richard Niemiec, TUSC(ROLTA) Co-Founder and President: How Oracle Came to Rule the Database World

Jared Still,  Pythian, Oracle Oak Table: Optimize SQL with Advanced Grouping

      Jared’s Corner: Code Examples and Publications

David Segleau, Oracle Corporation,: Oracle NoSQL Database Overview

Gwen Shapira, Pythian,  Big Data: Hadoop,  and link to Exadata presentations.

Mark Henderson and Rick Stehno from LSI: Solid State Storage in Oracle Environments

Boris Trukhnov: Installing 11g R2 Databases using VMWare and RH Linux: Complete details.

Accessing Hierarchical Data in Oracle: presenter Carol-Lee Tutch

Jared Still, Oracle Oak Table:  Optimize SQL with Advanced Grouping

David Segleau: Oracle NoSQL Database Overview

    A clear and precise introduction.

Dave Segleau, Dir. Product Mgmt , Oracle,:  Part II:  Oracle NoSQL DB Overview & Use Cases -- OSWOUG -- 2-13-13.pdf     Presentation Date:  February 13, 2013 in Bellevue